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The odds and ends among us
sadness and joy take turns
no-one can orientate,
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my thousand incarnations My mysterious areas... welcome to my pages, you'll get to know my  100 incarnations... maybe

reminiscences School reminiscences, that means some incidents occurred sometime - now in Polish

what's in my mind My thoughts over, that is no one will escape - like above

the longer the better Do you think you was passed over? you're wrong, wait for a while...
browse a little, you, maybe the next muse of mine

to be a poet is not to slosh about honors to be a poet is so unpopular being... Polish version

Cable Clock - this one engages me look what engages me - a cable clock (screensaver)

sprawdź siebie what amused meor what amused me

about me
moja witryna, my window

my songs
piosenki moje-my music lyrics

na ¶wiecie znaj±

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Konnichi wa
take  a look at dragons

volumes of my poems

my lyrics
my lyrics

collected handful of lyrics
collected handful of lyrics

heart quake
heart quake

in old-fashion
in old-fashion

Turkish impressions
Turkish impressions

from around the corner
from round the corner

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