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I am called like none of you. It is good and bad, at the same time. Everyone remember me what is not always too beneficial. However virtues of it  are   immeasurable. They remember my diminutive name, not  even knowing that in this sack of names I have them as many as four: Krzesława, Tatiana, Maria (it is sent at the time of baptism for balancing other " pagan names") and Barbara (firstly - after my mother, secondly it's given to the Confirmation & this is a fact). The fifth, my unofficial name my Romek gave me in memory of our shared recognition: Natalie.  And  every of those names has its own  history if not  name it just a  cause. The  first one is a middle name of my mum and also it's a  name of somebody my grandpa Antoni got to his early youth.  The second one was a name of my died second grandma Tatiana, of whom the family name  is a riddle for me up now: Szczemielow, Strzemielow in  somehow like that or not. She was probably from the Potocki family and whiteguards. Nowadays we can  write  that she was related to tsars.

I know the secret: a characteristic feature of the Cypko family... Some day I will hand it over.

I 'm not wearing glasses, although a long time ago more than one ophthalmologist claimed that the good vision at my age is rather abnormal. Unfortunately, this  somebody didn't have  a chance  to know my grandmother Aniela ("Nela", my grandfather's Tosiek's wife, whom I 've already mentioned and I will soon. When she was above 90 she stalled the thread through the needle without glasses. The abnormal vision  was considered a phenomenon. And I count on it, I hope that for a long time yet I  won't have to establish the second eyes. I know, how much health does it cost, oh, I know it.

I am of an average height; this height, was to turn out as the best because of many considerations I won't say it now. I was a blonde just recently, although  not from always and what's more it was my majority. At one time I experimented so much with my hair so I am grateful to them, that they didn't leave me. Now I return to my color but not too much. I tried with dark brown, but darking and darking  turned them out to be quite pleasant almost black one.  These are for me a curiosity and a new experience. I became from the quite innocent blonde  into quite self-confident brunette. The memories came flooding back from years, not necessarily cheerful, but... mine. I have  returned   but a bit other me  in a figure ( I am exaggerating with this a bit , because beeing "a sharp twenty" I weighed 49 kilos) On the Day of Women 06' I learnt that I had still kept something named femininity. It 's really nice. It's very nice. 2010 also seems to be  fairly good to me, because I can still look at myself.

I like a good joke, but not a crude one, I know different principles, however some of them I don't apply.

People and stories are to themselves, that  sometimes they come back. What I want to return  is nice for me. But   only it... Today I know that this way I can play.  It should be bright for everyone. I expect  the wisdom and the sharp vision.

I WELCOME WARMLY  polska wersja

the sign of the zodiac? - Aquarius

interests? - so many of them are  around here....

character? - sanguine

my colors? - for sure: silver, but also pink, black, grey, sometimes - red


In Polish we say: I am like the raisin, a single girl. I have brothers. Big ones and loved. Those in Poland   are like their parents very busy & workaholics,  They are different characterologically, because each of them are in some way Marcinowski family and Krzyształowski family, too. One has something of Marcinowski's nature , the second one  has something of Krzysztalowski 's appearance, and vice versa.  Even the names parents gave  in a different order:  Przemek-Maciek and vice versa. And even their last digits of the date are vice versa. Those young boys are already fathers. They are like our mum. They are both dental surgeons, They both  have also two sons. One of those grandsons  is like his grandfather Czeslaw.. My died last year beloved brother from behind the border, Wojtek Cypko (with many contests:  he has got a degree in  School of Fine Arts and Agricultural Academy, many courses as well), also he left  sons. They are four. four artistic souls. Two of them the older ones were born in Poland. They all  stayed in that other world. For them everything, what local, is obvious. All boys know Polish  better or worse. This young our male generation completes my beloved son Roslaw. There is no our Mateusz. He has passed away in 1995.

For the dedication of the truth I must say There is a sister, too. Of my father. Thi same who left me as a child. For a long time we didn't tolerate each other. Eve has a son Michael. I do not know him. They live in Italy. The contact of us is minimal.

the time will become mine fiubzdzutak


what causes my particular rebellion? - injustice, malices, collusive activities, selfish, sadistic tendencies of those for which  the good, the health and living in every sense was to be  the clue & it should be still like that, because they swore on it, they admitted to it and even they boasted about it.  I will remember to do it.

And what about my fears? I overcame my fears, but not entirely, because not all of them. And whether I could name them? I name them every day, when I write my poems. I count on intelligent readers, because I can only talk to such people just through my poems. Anything that worries me, some day will appear on these pages. But why some day? Because time heals all wounds, and to a few matters it is necessary to have also a distance in order to shed the weight of the grain of the bitterness through the sieve of time . It is important to catch all of the most important ones  to remain without a sense of disgust.



© Krzysia Skrzypczyńska

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my maternal parents:
†(3.06.1895-19.07.1966) Antoni Krzyształowski, born in Brzeżany (fatherFranciszek, mother Ludwika)
†(1.01.1899-10.05.1993) Aniela from Buczek family, born in Kutkowice (father Stanisław, mother ...)

paternal grandfathers:
Stanisław Cypko (?), ur. Wilno
†Tatiana, zd. Szczemielow -
Татьяна  Щемелева - Tatiana Schemeleva,ur. Rosja

my parents:
†(17.11.1928-1995) Romuald Cypko, ur. Wilno (ojciec Stanisław, matka Tatiana)
(29.04.1931) Barbara, zd. Krzyształowska, ur. Brzeżany (ojciec Antoni, matka Aniela)


What bothers me?

- spoony & confident people
- vulgar & confident ones
- "napes of the neck" & confident ones

What surprises me and shrugs me? - - a view of foreign seniors  daily holding their hands, every feeling gestures shrugs me, even such the feelings seeing on the screen. There are so little gestures around. Yard kids, bench friendships, people talking  together about some mundane matters, hypocritical and nieswych teoriach in their casual sleepwalkers with these their theories, blind to colors, fragrances, air, chasing somewhere, after something as if they are contributing to finish. They are alone to annoy the Fate. Total no friendship and no other positive feelings. The 21st century.

Do I know languages? - I know, but still it seems that not too much. I have involved a couple of observations. And here I send you few words about it: I "ve met many people who speak different languages. It seems they are experts. They are self-righteous in themselves b'cause they  aren't aware, that the fact that somehow they are communicating, it doesn't mean that they are good at language Their plus is, however, that they don't have qualms in order to say. Also he has polite recipients  I am disregarding people familiar to me here. It's a general thesis.  Those who are teaching oneself briefly in their belief that they know English very well, those who do it longer notice their gaps, they are maturer in the self-assessment. Unfortunately, a certificate often strength those ones is in his belief.

I cannot pity somebody who was a hideous creature  I am not pleased, when  something happens to him but i think that it happened, what it should happen. I believe in Fate, punishing and awarding, helping when you want, and for sure to believe in your bit of luck . If it happens to a good man, I always ask a question: "why" and I fall  into sadness.

With my grndpa Anthony (3-06-1895, born in Brzeżany) I feel  some joining me to him up today. I name it stronger_than_astral bonds. I try handing it over  like my three brothers to the next generations.  Therefore every child in our family and every adult  knows that if something hurts us, something is plaguing us, someone looks for anything, someone wants to something, our familiar Antoni, Antoine Krzyształowski, simply my grandpa Tosiek, we may be sure he will help us. It's getting clear about a solution, bad luck leaves us, good luck comes in. He is our guru; celebrated much stronger than other faith and superstitions. Once-a teacher, secondly - a defender of children. He was the man introducing us into the unknown world of fairy tales, explanations of phenomenons, he-broken with arthritis, and strong and young inwardly, a novelist and a winner of contests and charades. That's him placing a bet on education and knowledge. Graduating  (in those years!)  an archetype of Academy of Physical Education- in a Central Military School of Gimnastics and Sports (12 Jul 28, no. 865). And him, a beautiful himself was the one who, as a magnet, attracted attention of beautiful women and students looking up to him.  After his death, for a long time they felt sorry for him, that he was left, they were dreaming again to lift their grades... And we must add that he was teaching quite free of charge or for proverbial-cent's worth, mainly for improving its rank in the minds of children, while other ones were giving lessons for fee. Under his hand young villains and thieves transformed  in those looking for knowledge, zealous pupils, extremely correctly speaking in Polish. Therefore, this nowadays invalidity talk, especially of those in power  hurts me and my son, Rosław responding to such speech abuses with a sudden, an awful  glitch in his ears. This was the atmosphere, I was living in my youngest childhood. With my brother, just only died Wojtek, (an artist painter, just  Wojciech Cypko from Berlin) we both sitting on my grandpa's sides were absorbing his stories (for each of us) and listening to soldier songs; "Czerwone Maki" (red poppies), hares emerging from forests, castles and bizarre histories